Replacement Aluminum Endcaps




Replaceable end caps are produced for a fraction of the cost of new pegs, when your pegs get tired and old you can unscrew them and replace them with a brand new set giving your pegs a second life. This end cap is very strong thread design withm30 x 1.5 fine thread. They have not stripped once in over 250 caps produced. This cap is light weight and super durable. We doubt you will need very many replacement caps because they are so durable. We have tested these caps thru 10,000 repeated peg slams into the pavement without any issues. Tested and proven design.

m30x1.5 thread to fit all our peg base styles.

7075 aluminum for strength.

polished or anodized, black blue green red grey purple and gold.

hole in side for tool to tighten or loosen. Remove or install.



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